Car Buying Service

What is the Car Buying Service?

QBANK has an arrangement with Qld Car Buying, under which QBANK members can access assistance and advice regarding purchasing a motor vehicle.

With your consent, QBANK will pass your details to Qld Car Buying who will contact you to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your vehicle requirements.

Qld Car Buying will work with you to provide you with recommendations on suitable vehicles. Should you purchase a recommended vehicle, Qld Car Buying will continue to assist you throughout the purchasing process.

Qld Car Buying will not generally charge you a fee for the work they do on your behalf.  However, they may receive fees or commissions from motor vehicle dealers used in connection with your purchase of a vehicle.  Full details of these arrangements will be disclosed to you by Qld Car Buying at the outset.


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The Car Buying Service is provided by Hasthaven Pty Ltd trading as Qld Car Buying.

QBANK has a referral arrangement in place with Qld Car Buying Under the referral arrangement, with your consent, we will pass your details to Qld Car Buying who will get in touch to discuss your car buying needs.

QBANK will receive a referral fee of $150.00 from Qld Car Buying where:

Qld Car Buying recommends a motor vehicle to you and you then purchase that vehicle.

The fee is not dependent on QBANK financing the purchase of the motor vehicle.

QBANK is not responsible for Qld Car Buying’s recommendations. The information QBANK is providing is not intended to imply any recommendations or opinion. 

If the member applies to QBANK for financing in relation to the motor vehicle, QBANK will assess this application independently of Qld Car Buying’s recommendations.