Phone Banking:

  • Activate your card
  • Confirm account balances
  • Pay bills via BPAY
  • Check your last five transactions
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts or to another pre-nominated QBANK member's account
  • Check how much interest you earned 

SMS & Email Alerts

Receive customised SMS and email alerts. You can set up alerts to check the following by contacting us on 13 77 28 or through internet banking:

  • Your end-of-day account balance
  • When your balance exceeds or falls below a nominated amount
  • Deposits or withdrawals greater than or equal to a nominated amount
  • Reminders of due payments or maturing investments


Please Note: The information contained within email alerts is not encrypted, so if someone else has access to your emails they may be able to view this information.

SMS Queries

With this service you can send a text message to make SMS enquiries on your accounts 24/7 including the following:

  • Account balances on single or multiple accounts
  • Last five transactions
  • Year-to-date interest

Getting started with SMS

In order to use the SMS query service, you must first register via internet banking. Specify at least one mobile phone number to be used, as well as the accounts you wish to access.

Please note that one of your accounts must be defined as a default account. To register follow the steps below:

  • Log into QBANK internet banking.
  • Click on My Preferences tab and then select SMS Banking from the list displayed.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and the account/s you wish to access using SMS queries.
  • Click on Save.

Making an SMS Query

Once you have SMS queries enabled, text 0488 749 572 to access the following information:

Information Required Text Message Format Response
Balance of all accounts BAL ALL Displays your member number and all QBANK account types with current balance and available balance
Balance of individual QBANK account BAL (member number and S account type e.g. BAL 123456S1 Displays your member number and your individual QBANK account with current balance and available balance
Last 5 transactions TRAN (member number & S account type) e.g. TRAN 123456S1 Transaction date, description and transaction amount for the last five transactions
Year to date interest - all accounts INT ALL Year-to-date interest earned on all QBANK accounts
Year to date interest - individual account INT (member number & S account type) e.g. INT 123456S1 Year-to-date interest earned on requested QBANK account

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