Our People

We work to maintain an engaged and inclusive workplace. QBANK places strong emphasis on adopting ethical and compliant employment practices to ensure the safe, fair and respectful treatment of our staff. Investments are made each year in various health and wellbeing initiatives and the ongoing professional development of our employees.

Cultivating an engaged and inclusive workplace


Our Work Environment

Building a purpose that is clear and able to be “lived” by the organisation from Directors, through to the Executive and all Staff is a key focus at QBANK. To achieve this, everything we do at QBANK is centred on several core values:

  • Dedication
  • Working Together
  • Excellence
  • Ownership
  • Achievement

These values are aligned with those of our member community. Together with our Code of Conduct and the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice, the values guide our behaviour and the way we work together with members, colleagues and suppliers.

In our 2022 staff engagement survey 91% of respondents agreed that their work was important to achieving the vision, mission and values of QBANK and that our members’ unique needs guide our actions and decisions. 98% believed their work directly or indirectly contributed to the member experience. This alignment between the views and involvement of our employees and QBANK’s purpose underscores our commitment to members and other stakeholders.


Employee Wellbeing and Development

We value our staff and looking after our people is a key priority. We have a range of policies, activities and benefits designed to promote employee professional development, health, wellbeing and work/life balance.

QBANK actively supports employees to attend training events, presentations, seminars, and industry conferences including internal financial wellbeing seminars. We also provide financial and other support to employees who are undertaking tertiary studies and we participate in trainee and school/university work experience programs to contribute to skilling youth in the community.

QBANK has a range of flexible work options to enable work/life balance. We hold regular wellbeing promotions and events for staff including National Safe Work Month, RUOK Day, Red Cross donation drives, free flu vaccinations, and team sponsorships such as the annual Bridge to Brisbane.


Recognising Employees

QBANK seeks to create an environment where people are valued and acknowledged for their contributions. We believe an environment like this fosters employee retention and engagement as well as encouraging behaviours that align with our core values.

As an example, our “Everyday Heroes” wall enables us to showcase feedback and commendations from Members regarding staff who have delivered exceptional service or otherwise demonstrated our values in the course of their work.  We also have a “Sidekicks Award” program which enables anyone within the organisation to immediately recognise and show appreciation for the positive actions of another i.e. to “catch someone doing something good”.

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Our Community

Our Members are our reason for existence.  We are committed to putting them at the centre of everything we do. At QBANK, we are privileged to contribute to a range of partnerships and charitable organisations with direct connection to our community and those who serve Queensland.

Proud to support those who serve Queensland


A Higher Purpose

As a Member Owned organisation, we approach our sponsorships with simplicity and purpose. Our aim is to support the individuals, organisations, charities, and events within our community that make a difference. With a longstanding commitment to our Members and our community, we aim to provide not just financial support. Staff are provided with special leave to volunteer for these causes, attend recruit graduation ceremonies and participate in sponsorship events.

Our Initiatives

In order for QBANK to make a positive and long-term impact to organisations, charities and events there are several community giving initiatives that have been implemented.

Each month, QBANK donates 10 cents for every active Everyday Plus Account. These funds support selected organisations, not-for-profits, and charities in our Member community. For good measure, we add a further $500 each month to this amount. In addition, we partner with a range of organisations of significance to our Members such as Community Supporting Police, Crime Stoppers Queensland, Queensland Retired Police Association, Queensland Ambulance Service Legacy and the Australasian Council of Women and Policing.

One of our most popular staff volunteering opportunities is the annual Police Commissioners Christmas Gift Drive. In addition to staff wrapping gifts for children in need, QBANK also makes a financial contribution to this worthy cause.

Since 2014, QBANK have proudly recognised the heroes of our communities who have gone above and beyond the call of duty through our Everyday Heroes Awards. These important awards recognise the efforts of our Police, Emergency Services and Volunteers within the community. For more information on the Everyday Heroes Awards click here.

Our Partners

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Our Business

We are committed to social responsibility, environmental sustainability and financial wellbeing. We commit to managing our business reliably, ethically and transparently, adopting sound governance and internal controls.


Developing a business with a greater purpose

Financial resilience and wellbeing

  • Participating in the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme panel of lenders
  • Conducting financial education programs throughout our community
  • Providing personal budgeting tools and services
  • Tailoring our credit criteria around our unique community which takes  into account overtime, shift penalties and 100% of allowances for those in essential services
  • Adopting long term solutions to helping members who may find themselves in financial stress
  • Providing tailored services for not-for-profits and other community groups who require additional assistance and support
  • Adopting a responsive and compassionate approach when members are affected by natural disasters and unforeseen events

Preserving our shared environment

  • Implementing digital delivery including of communications such as Member statements and our Annual Report
  • Introducing paperless processes for many services including new memberships, personal loans and our own internal reporting
  • Outsourcing our data centre to a multi-tenant external facility with more efficient utility consumption and increased security
  • Replacing the building head office air conditioning with an air-cooled rather than water-cooled system
  • Maintaining a recycling and waste reduction program within the head office building

Accountability, Governance and Integrity

  • Operating within the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice, our own Code of Conduct, and in accordance with APRA prudential standards
  • Maintaining strong capital levels and an appropriate level of liquid assets to meet prudential requirements
  • Retaining an independent Board of Directors with a mix of member-elected and Board appointed skills-based Directors
  • Maintaining governance standards and a compliance framework that supports transparency and accountability
  • Undertaking annual independent audits to provide assurance of our financial results and control framework
  • Declining to directly lend to, or directly invest in, projects or businesses involved in the coal, gas and oil sectors

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