What is a Direct Debit?

Direct debits are regular payments from your account using your BSB and account number. Direct debits are arranged between you and a vendor, who will debit your account on the nominated date/s.

How to Cancel a Direct Debit:

If you wish to amend a direct debit arrangement, you should first contact the merchant or service provider. However, we can also assist with amending the account which is debited. If you wish to cancel a direct debit on your account, you can contact us.


What is PayTo?

Some billers may begin to migrate existing direct debit arrangements to PayTo. PayTo serves as a convenient method to authorise and oversee payments from your bank account. It offers versatile functionality, acting as a digital substitute for direct debit while enabling users to make payments directly from their bank accounts.

How to Cancel PayTo:

For direct debit arrangements migrating to PayTo, you can now cancel the arrangement via internet banking.


What is a Recurring Payment?

Recurring payments are regular payments from your debit or credit card. These payments occur where you have provided your card details to a merchant or service provider to receive ongoing goods or services.

How to Cancel a Recurring Payment

As recurring payments are set with a merchant or service provider, you should contact them directly to amend or cancel. We are unable to cancel a recurring payment, however we can assist you with a Visa Dispute if the payment is unauthorised.


What is a Periodical Payment?

Periodical payments or future transfers are regular or once-off payments that are set up with QBANK to transfer funds between your own accounts or to an external account via OSKO, Standard Transfer or BPAY.

How to Cancel a Periodical Payment:

Periodical payments can be managed through online banking or by contacting us. As these are set up with QBANK directly, we can cancel or amend these at your request.


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