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IMPORTANT: If you have received a renewal notice, your card is already active. This is ready for your use. 

Set Your Card PIN


Select Cards from the home menu and then Set Card PIN.

Internet Banking:

Select Accounts from the top menu, select Card PIN Change and then set your card’s PIN. 

Note: you must be registered for internet banking to set your PIN

Activate Your Visa Debit Card


Select Cards from the home menu and then Activate Card.

Internet Banking:

Select Accounts from the top menu and then Card Activation.

Important things to remember to protect your card and account

  • QBANK will never ask you for your PIN.
  • Never write the PIN on your card.
  • Never write the PIN on anything which is kept near your card.
  • Immediately report loss, theft or unauthorised use.
  • Never lend your card to anybody.
  • Use care to prevent anyone seeing the PIN being entered on a device.
  • Use secure websites when making online purchases. Visit ACCC Scamwatch for more information.


Important things to remember for using your card

  • For purchases (not cashout) via the 'credit' or 'savings' networks you are able to spend up to the available balance in your transaction account.
  • Your card will not expire until the last day of the expiry month noted on your card.
  • Renewal cards are ordered 2 weeks prior to the expiry month on your card and will arrive activated and ready for use.
  • Automatic renewals will not be processed if your card has not been used in the prior 12 months. If you have not used your card in 12 months and it expires, you will need to contact us on 13 77 28 to arrange a replacement.
  • Visa Debit cards have a $2,000 AUD cash withdrawal limit per card, per day (please note that some ATM owners and merchants may have a direct machine limit).
  • If your card becomes compromised at any time you can lock it via our QBANK App.
  • Visa Debit cards are available to any member from 13 years old.


If you believe your card is lost or has been stolen find out more information here


Report to our team if your card details or PIN have been compromised. Contact 13 77 28 between 8:45am and 4:30pm (AEST) Mon-Fri


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